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Hi there, fellow users of our favourite wallpaper site, skins.be, our new skins.be-Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox is online at last.


Launched today, the toolbar is available for download and installation, including lots of features like

  • direct search on skins.be as well as via google.com
  • all important links for skins.be and the skins.be-forum
  • direct upload via toolbar to the skins.be-imagehosting service (integrated image hosting via toolbar)
  • your local weather forecast
  • lots of gadgets (e.g. tools, calculator, todo-lists...) and games (Space Invaders!)

More features to come... prepare for future updates!

Get your skins.be-Toolbar now!

the skins.be-team.


  • Toolbar Forum Links Forum links
  • Toolbar Gadgets Gadgets
  • Toolbar Toolbar Toolbar
  • Toolbar Www Links WWW links
  • Toolbar Uploader Uploader

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