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Today, skins.be offers the largest collection of celebrity and model wallpapers worldwide. But it was quality as well as quantity, what brought us to the top since the foundation of skins.be in 2002. At its launch, skins.be offered wallpapers of about 40 babes. Resolution: usually 1024x768, for a reason. The screens weren't larger back then in these dark and ancient times ;) On- and offstage, the following team members have their share in this great success:

About us

Two years passed, the resolution of our photos and pictures grew larger and so did our collection. Since 2004, the skins.be-community grows as well, being one of the largest celebs/wallpaper-community worldwide.

Skins.be got a new design in 2007. 2008 the site update took place and the skins.be-imagehosting service launched. The most recent addition: our celeb news and gossip section, launched 2009.

Today, we are proud and thankful for a vibrant community, the best team ever regarding wallpapers, stars, celebs and models and the largest collections of high-res celeb images.

Skins.be offers high quality images of more than 720 babes on 22.000 motives and continues to grow. So does the Skins.be community with its 190.000 members and 230.000 Posts in more than 9.000 Threads.

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