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Wallpaper, Pics & Downloads

Your wallpapers don't match my screen resolution. Couldn't you also offer the wallpapers in my resolution?

Unfortunately, we can�t do this. We offer the wallpapers in the nine most common resolutions. There are just too many types of screens, to fulfill all the possible resolutions out there.

So, what can I do?

The resolution that is closest to your own is normally highlighted. You can modify the picture in a picture editing program or you can have it adapted to your resolution automatically, which might cause a little distortion.

How do I download a wallpaper or picture?

Internet Explorer: Use the "image tool bar" or right click on the picture and choose "save as..." from the context menu.

Firefox: Right click on the picture and choose "save image" from the context menu.

Do I always have to enlarge the wallpaper or picture first in order to download it?

No. The wallpaper will be saved in the chosen resolution even if you download the smaller template. You can also right click on the picture and then choose "use as desktop wallpaper".

I want to download all the wallpapers. Will you grant me access via FTP?

No ;-) But skins.be is free and available 24 hours a day.

How else can I get all the wallpapers?

Download them one by one ;-) Still, for webmasters, there is a simple possibility to embed the skins.be wallpapers in their site. Here, you can see an example, and an explanation of how to do it can be found here.

My Internet Explorer suddenly saves all the pictures as unknown.bmp, although they are in jpeg format. What can I do?

Delete the contents of the "Temporary Internet Files" folder and corrupt files from the "Downloaded Program Files". In order to do this, start the Internet Explorer and select Delete Files in the menu Tools - Internet options - General - Temporary Internet Files, then confirm by clicking OK. If the folder Windows\Downloaded Program Files contains files that are marked as unknown or corrupt, delete them, too. Saving pictures as .jpg should then work again. To learn more about this problem, visit Microsoft.

I want to modify your wallpapers or pictures. Where can I get more information and technical support?

You will find a vivid community on our board. Help can be found in the "Wallpaper & Art" forum.

Newsfeeds & Notifications

What are newsfeeds?

With newsfeeds, you can subscribe to or embed a website. Thus, you will receive information about new content quickly. Feeds can be read using web based readers like Bloglines, Netvibes or the Google Reader in order to get a quick overview of new content on interesting sites.

Feed readers for local installation are e.g. FeedDemon (Windows, free), NetNewsWire (MAC OS X, the lite version is free) NewsGator for Outlook (Windows), SharpReader (Windows .NET, free), Shrook (MAC OS X, shareware). Modern browsers and mail programs come with integrated feed readers, or they can be installed as plugins (like Sage for Firefox). Feed readers keep you informed whenever a website offers something new.

How can I subscribe to newsfeeds?

That differs from reader to reader. Try reading the help page in your chosen reader.

What newsfeeds does skins.be offer?

You can subscribe to a universal feed that keeps you informed about every new wallpaper on skins.be. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a separate feed for each model if you are only interested in special babes. Our feeds are in RSS2.0 format that is supported by all common readers.

What are notifications?

If you are a registered member of skins.be, you also have the possibility to keep yourself informed via e-mail whenever new wallpapers are published. You can also subscribe to and cancel each model separately.

How can I manage my notifications?

If you are a registered user, you will find a link to manage notifications in your user control panel. Alternatively, you can subscribe to or cancel notifications on each model's page.


How can I become a member?

Registering with skins.be is free. Enter an e-mail address and a nickname plus password in the registration form. Copy the characters of the graphical security check and click on "register". You will then receive an e-mail with an activation link. After following this link you will have successfully activated your account, and will be a member.

Why should I become a member?

Because as a registered user, you can use many more features. You can suggest new babes, request wallpapers and subscribe to notifications for new ones. You can tag wallpapers and modify the appearance of the skins.be pages according to your preferences. And you are allowed to write on the skins.be board, a vivid community of wallpaper enthusiasts. Further new features for members are already planned or being worked on. You will find information about further advantages here.

How can I cancel my membership?

Send a private message with a request for being deleted to one of the administrators.

Skins.be: the team, contact, participate

How can I contact the skins.be team?

Via our contact form. For questions concerning the skins.be board, you can send a private message to the corresponding moderator or administrator.

How can I participate in skins.be?

If you register, you can e.g. tag pictures in order to categorize and find them, or you can post images on the board.

Furthermore, you can send us wallpapers via e-mail - just send us a short message. In order to be published on skins.be, the images have to be of high quality and in high resolution (if possible, 1600x1200 or higher). Pictures with tags from other sites will not be published - except for a small "skins.be" logo, no tags are allowed. Of course, we are especially glad if we receive complete sets of wallpapers with the formats offered by skins.be. We offer wallpapers in the resolutions 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x800, 1280x960, 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1600x1200, 1680x1050 and 1920x1200. Please tag the picture with a small "skins.be" logo.

How can I upload my own wallpapers?

Skins.be also offers you image hosting. You can upload your pictures at http://upload.skins.be/. You can then post the link to your image on the board, send us an e-mail or just share it with friends.

I am a model, can I publish my photos on skins.be?

You are female? Sure you can :-) Just send us an e-mail.

Linking and advertising on skins.be

May I link to skins.be?

Yes. We are happy about links to skins.be and also about deep links to the pages of particular babes. Asking for consent is not necessary.

Have you got a link exchanging program?

Yes. If you run a site with similar content, we are glad to place a backlink. Contact us via the link named "Your link here" in the right column of each models page.

Can I advertise on skins.be?

Of course. We offer advertising for clearly defined target groups with geo targeting and frequency cap. Advertisers get web based access to their statistics. We accept classic banner advertisements as well as textlink advertisements with an optional icon. For further information and other ways of advertising, contact us.

Can I offer your images on my website?

Feel free to integrate our RSS feeds into your web pages. The feeds contain thumbnails and links to the wallpapers. You can embed all the newly added wallpapers with one feed as well as separate feeds for the different babes.

Tags and Tagging

What are Tags?

Tags work like headwords. With tags, large amounts of data are easier to search through, it becomes easier to find the things you are looking for. Today, many kinds of data like bookmarks, pictures, texts or movies are tagged, it works just like a subject catalog in a library.
Every registered user on skins.be can tag images and thus contribute to making it easier to find the desired wallpaper. Since many eyes are better than two, tags become more helpful and better if more people participate in the tagging.

Why should I tag the pictures?

Because you can classify them according to your interests and it will be easier to find them again later. Besides, other users will use your tags for other pictures and thus enable you to find more pictures you might like.
Example: You like large portraits of celebs. Then you would tag such pictures with "portrait", "face" and "celeb". Someone else only wants pictures with a black background, so they tag those pictures with "black background" or "dark background". A third person likes pictures of women wearing boots and tags those pictures with "boots". And so on.
If now someone wants a picture of Catherine Zeta-Jones wearing boots with a dark background, searching for "Catherine Zeta-Jones boots dark background" will give him/her a list of all the appropriate pictures. Great, isn't it?

Why don't you tag the pictures yourselves?

Well, we did! :-) We fitted all the pictures with a whole bunch of tags. We simply cannot think of everything that our users might like - one is looking for "tattoo", another for "jeans" and yet another for "blonde piercing nude" and so on. The more people that participate in the tagging, the better and more extensive our subject catalog will get and the easier and more successful the search for the appropriate pictures will be.

What rules are there for useful tagging?

First, you can tag the models. This is useful if the tag applies to the model herself. Angelina Jolie for example is an actress - so you can tag her with "actress". In order to do so, click on "tags" in the upper menu ("overview - walls & pics - biography - tags"). You can then add tags that are appropriate for Angelina Jolie with "add tags"
Angelina Jolie has tattoos. Still, it wouldn't be very helpful to add a general "tattoo" tag, since on many pictures, you cannot see the tattoos. So, it would be reasonable to add a "tattoo" tag to this picture, while for this one, a tag like "dressed" would be more appropriate than "tattoo", since you can see no tattoos there.
You can add tags for images using the "add tags for (name)" link under the tags of the respective wallpaper. You can add more than one tag at once separating them by commas.

How do I search for tags?

Use the searchbox at the upper right. You can also click on a tag to see all the wallpapers and models with this tag.

My question wasn't answered in this FAQ!

Then just ask. :-)

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