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Stephanie Jacobsen (born Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen on June 22 1980 in Hong Kong China) is an Australian actress. Personal LifeShe went more rating for Stephanie Jacobsen

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  • A medic with attitude
    The medical world is a recurring theme in the CV of Hong Kong-born, Los Angeles-based Australian actress Stephanie Jacobsen.
  • Monday, April 21
    Revenge was almost a parody of itself from the outset, but now it's just plain ludicrous.
  • The State of American Beer
    What's going on in Beer World? It's a world in which up is down, little is big, and there's no Blue Moon on the horizon.  It's a world in which old standbys are faltering (case sales of Miller High Life were down almost 10 percent in 2013 from the prior year). Mexican labels are dominant (Corona, Modelo, and Dos Equis, account for three of the top four imported beers).

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