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Biography of Shirley Manson

Birthname: Shirley Anne Manson
Date of birth: 1966-08-25
Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Height: 5' 7

Shirley Ann Manson (born August 26, 1966) is a Scottish musician, the lead vocalist of the band Garbage.

Early life

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Manson is the second of three daughters. She has an older sister, Lindy-Jayne and a younger sister, Sarah. Her father is a geneticist and her mother is a former big band singer. At age seven, Shirley began learning the piano, later attending the City of Edinburgh Music School where she also joined the school's theatre group.
At school, she was regularly bullied, and inflicted self harm. Children teased her because of her red hair and large, popping eyes. She sometimes returned home after school bloody and bruised from the bullying. The incessant teasing and bullying led her into a deep depression and drove her to cutting.


Her first experience with music was with the bands Autumn 1904 and Wild Indians. When she was 16, Shirley joined Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie , where she sang backup vocals and played the keyboards. She remained in the band for a decade until they split in 1992. After the split, Shirley and two other members of the band formed Angelfish, this time she was the lead singer. Angelfish released a self titled album and one single, 'Suffocate Me'.


After seeing 'Suffocate Me' on MTV, Steve Marker was impressed and wanted Shirley to front his band Garbage. After two auditions, Shirley became the lead singer in 1994.
Manson immediately set about re-writing the lyrics to the band's already written songs. The resulting collaborative efforts became Garbage, the band's debut album, which would go on to sell five million copies worldwide, earning double platinum certifications in UK, US and Australia. The album produced hit singles and breakthrough hits such as "Queer", "Stupid Girl", "Only Happy When It Rains" and "Vow".
By the time their second album, Version 2.0, was being recorded in the band's own studio, Manson had become the band's primary lyricist, but was still regarded by many as simply the face of Garbage. As a regular musical contributor and guitarist (her orange Fender Stratocaster is named 'Rita'), she felt great disappointment at the general perception of her role in the group.
After her brief role as a model for Calvin Klein and the confidence that composer David Arnold had shown her while co-producing the theme for James Bond film "The World Is Not Enough", Shirley began to write more self-reflective lyrics, which ended up on the band's third album, beautifulgarbage.
Garbage briefly dissolved in 2003 due to in-fighting. After resolving their problems, they reformed to record their fourth album, Bleed Like Me, which was released in April of 2005. The album reached the top five in the US, and overall sold well around the world.
As of October 2005, Garbage is on an indefinite hiatus due to the fact that the band has been constantly producing and promoting albums and touring for the past decade. According to Manson the current situation between the band's members is "good".
On the 6 July 2006 Garbage concert broadcast on PBS's SoundStage she said:
"Thank you, girls! Now go and start some bands, okay?" -- to the young female fans in the front row (who sang and danced along to all the songs).


Since Garbage is currently on an indefinite hiatus, fans have speculated whether or not Manson will record a solo CD. This issue was finally confirmed on 1 March, 2006, when record producer David Arnold's official website announced that "David has just completed writing and producing with Shirley Manson, lead singer of Garbage, for her new upcoming project". Later, the fan site Garbage Disco Box reported that this project was the writing and recording of a song . reported that she intends to record a solo album but she insists that Garbage has not broken up.
Manson revealed to the Sunday Times on 2 July 2006 that she had contacted Paul Buchanan of Scottish group Blue Nile to write with her for her solo album. "I thought he’d be very moody and introverted, but he’s not like that at all. He’s quite outgoing and charming. Neither of us has ever written with anybody else before. It’s going to be strange. We’ll see how it goes — it could be a complete unmitigated disaster.”
Manson met up with Buchanan at his Glasgow studio in July 2006 to begin their work together. Manson had previously stated on her online journal that "there's nobody quite like Paul Buchanan to bring the bleakness out in me".
Paul Buchanan spoke to the Sunday Mail on 29 October, 2006, and revealed that as well as working with Arnold, and himself, Manson has also teamed up with White Stripes frontman Jack White and Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan to help write "stunning tunes" for her debut, as well as confirming the record would be released in 2007.
"I knew Shirley's work from her days in Scottish bands Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie and Angelfish and had heard the records she'd made with Garbage. But we'd never met so I couldn't believe it when this rather formal email arrived saying, 'Dear Mr. Buchanan...' The fact Shirley was motivated to ask me to write songs made it worth pursuing. I was worried my music wouldn't fit in with the rocky stuff Jack White and Billy Corgan would come up with but Shirley said, 'Don't worry, I want you to do what you do'. Sometimes the unlikeliest combinations work best - it gets you out the comfort zone."
"I made a conscious effort to write the songs from Shirley's perspective. It only took five minutes to compose them but I'd had six weeks to come up with ideas. Shirley is keen to bounce ideas off different people after taking a break from Garbage." Buchanan also said.
Buchanan and Manson will enter the studio together in December 2006 to record tracks for her album.
On 18 November, 2006, Paul Buchanan revealed Manson was also working with Beck on her new album.
Manson is also to appear on Eric Avery's forthcoming solo album, as well as with him on a cover version of a John Lennon track on an Amnesty International charity compilation.

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