Rhian Sugden


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Biography of Rhian Sugden

Rhian Marie Sugden (born September 11, 1986 in Bury, Greater Manchester, England) is an English glamour model and Page Three girl.

Modelling career

Sugden's family and friends initially suggested that she send her photo to a modelling agency. Her friends felt that Rhian who was naturally a size six but had naturally big breasts, had the figure for glamour modelling.
So Rhian applied to the Samantha Bond Agency in London, who represent many famous Page 3 Girls. She visited the photo studio for the first time, a little self-conscious and apprehensive, with her boyfriend. After being accepted to the Samantha Bond Agency, Rhian gave up her job as network administrator for Global Telecoms and Technology in Bury. She has since appeared on numerous occasions on Page Three of the Sun newspaper - appearing for the first time in August 2006 - and also in magazines such as Maxim, Loaded, Zoo and Nuts.
In 2008 she appeared in a BBC documentary series called Glamour Girls which follows their life and photo shoots around the country. She claims to be "stopped everywhere she goes" with people (young men) wanting her autograph. Disappointingly for many admirers, she states that she would never date a 'fan'. Rhian is a keen DJ.

Personal life

In her personal life she dated Matt Peacock a male model is best known for marrying Jodie Marsh on her television series.

Television appearances

  • Ant and Dec Saturday Night Takeaway (2007) ....Herself
  • Soccer Am (2008) ....Herself
  • Ibiza 2008 (2008) ....Herself
  • Glamour Girls (BBC3) (2008) ....Herself
  • Channel M (2008) ....Herself
  • The Millies - In Afghanistan (2009) ....Herself
  • Rude Tube with Alex Zane (2009) ....Herself
  • Bamma Ring Girl on Bravo (2009) ....Herself

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