Patricia Ford


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Biography of Patricia Ford

Patricia Pualani Ford (Waialae) (born March 17, 1969 in Honolulu, Hawaii) is a popular American model of multi-ethnic ancestry (German, Irish, Chinese, Portuguese and Hawaiian).


Patricia Ford was born and raised in Honolulu, but she also lived in Waianae during that time. She attended and graduated from Moanalua High School in Hawaii. She is of German, Irish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Hawaiian ancestry. Her modeling career started at a Tropical Teen pageant. Japanese modeling scouts saw her and offered to send her to work in Japan when she was 15. She is best known for modeling for Playboy's Special Editions, but has appeared various swimsuit and lingerie catalogues, and posed more revealingly for erotic photographer Suze Randall. The Randall photo shoots have appeared in many adult magazines, such as High Society and Club International (both times as Brandi), Men's World, Men Only, Spice, Model Directory, Club, and Cheri Undercover. Patricia was a booth babe for Eidos Interactive at the 1999 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, CA.

During the peak of her career (mid 1990s) she tried to launch her own official website three times, when hers was one of the most searched for names on the internet. Reportedly, she was scammed every time and lost a lot of money. Her domains and were abused with only spam for years, until Mac & Bumble signed her and bought the domains. Although they show Patricia Ford content today, they are not updated anymore. About that time, she also worked closely with another Playboy model called Lisa Boyle. Both had huge success with the shots they did together; unlike Ford, Lisa Boyle is running her website successfully even today.
Patricia Ford has also worked as an actress, having appeared in bit parts in films such as the 1999 boxing comedy-drama Play It To the Bone, and the 1986 film Biggles: Adventures in Time. By the year 2000, she had moved to Las Vegas and had started to appear in various softcore B-movies.
There are numerous websites devoted to her by her fans, and the PFML (Patricia Ford Mailing List) was created in the mid 1990s to compile all known photos of her. Although the series was very much alive for years, it stopped in 2001 when new pictures became difficult to find. The last photo in the PFML is #2850. Her pictures were normally distributed by newsgroups such as
Ford apparently stopped modeling in her early thirties. She married her long-time boyfriend Russell Waialae on February 14th 2001 in Las Vegas and moved there permanently from Hawaii. Rumor says she is now working at various casinos in Las Vegas and at age 37 mother of a son (born 5th November).


  • "She is the person that Disney modeled Pocahontas after!" -on Patricia Ford's beauty
  • Bikini Open quote: "I love to make people smile!


  • Sometimes credited as: Brandi, Brandi Davis, Brandi Peterson, Pua, Puanani.
  • Although appearing in dozens of Playboy magazines, she has never been a Playmate.
  • 5-time winner of the Bikini Open ('88, '91, '92, '93, '95).
  • Won Playboy's Book of Lingerie Model of 1996.
  • Crowned Miss Maharajah '92 in Honolulu.
  • Hobbies: Hula, dancing, jet skiing, "lying out on Hawaiian beaches", working out on the Stairmaster, racquetball.
  • Favorite food: "lots of sushi & poi", ice cream with whipped cream.
  • Favorite music: Soft romantic music.


  • 1992 Hawaii's Hardbodies Calendar (January)
  • 1992 Island Muscle Cars Calendar (November)
  • 1993 Hawaii's Beautiful Women Calendar. (November)
  • 1994 Patricia Ford Calendar by T&M Enterprises
  • 1995 Bikini Open Calendar
  • 1995 Surfing magazine Calendar
  • 1995 Mikuni Carburator's "Iron and Lace" calendar (back cover & set of pics)
  • 1996 Women of Summer Calendar (November)
  • 1997 Patricia Ford Calendar
  • 1997 "East Meets West" Calendar by Jade Unlimited
  • (dates) Bikini Open Calendar(s)

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