Nazan Eckes


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    • Lonely armada says:
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    • Jayna says:
      And to think I was going to talk to someone in preosn about this.
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    • AmBeR IrViNg. says:
      I know Abby Mckenzie. She is a Bitch. This celebrity. Wow she is Just Stunning. She Don't like you either.
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      Oct 2, 2011 19:31:11

    • kalle says:
      Nazan Eckes ist und bleibt eine Türkenfotze
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    • Durden says:
      Nothin special...
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      Now she looks nice, but wait until she starts growing a moustache!!
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      @Maverik35j .... jede Frau auf der Welt gesehen ?
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      @Maverik35j Ja sie ist hübsch, eine Wunderschöne Frau. Aber es ist immer subjektiv, denn Geschmäcker sind verschieden. Und für dich ist Sie die Miss Wold, jedoch ist diese pauschale Aussage wiederrum falsch. Oder hast du schon jed
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    • Maverik35j says:
      Wenn es eine Miss World gibt,dann heißt Sie "Nazan Eckes" ich kenne eine perfektere Frau als Nazan !
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    • AMBER IRVING. says:

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Biography of Nazan Eckes

Date of birth: 1976-05-09
Birthplace: Cologne, Germany
Nationality: German
Profession: TV Presenter

Nazan Eckes, n├ęe Nazan ├œng├Âr, (9 May 1976 in Cologne, Germany) is a German television personality of Turkish descent at the German television channel RTL.

Professional career

Daughter of Turkish immigrants from Eski┼Ÿehir, Nazan ├œng├Âr completed 1995 her Abitur, the German final exams of high school in Leverkusen, where her father was employed as a worker in a chemical and pharmaceutical company.
Her practical training at the music television channel VIVA followed a voluntary service for 18 months at the same channel. In 1998, Nazan ├œng├Âr was employed at VIVA. Between 1998-1999, she dabbled at the Turkish regional newspaper Haftal─▒k Posta as a freelancer.
Nazan ├œng├Âr managed in 1999 to do a jump to RTL-North in Hamburg and assumed the presentation of weather forecast of the regional evening program Guten Abend RTL. The next year, she transferred to RTL-West as vice presenter of weather forecast at the local program Punkt 12. At this time, she became also a reporter.
Since January 28, 2003, Nazan presents regularly the RTL II News on workdays. That year, she hosted RTL Exclusiv and Life! - Die Lust zu leben as a vocation substitute. She also presented World Music Awards with Ole Tillmann and Deutschlands beste Doppelg├Ąnger, a look-alike-show on saturday nights with Mike Kr├╝ger. Furthermore, Nazan Eckes hosts the program Formel Exclusiv on lifestyle, sports and Formula 1 with Kai Ebel.
From June 2004 on, she hosted Life! - Die Lust zu leben and assumed also die presentation of Bosporus Trend and RTL II Jahresr├╝ckblick, a retrospection on 2004 and 2005.
In 2005, she assumed the pregnancy substitution of Frauke Ludowig in EXPLOS─░V-Weekend. The next year, she hosted with Hape Kerkeling LetÔ€™s Dance, the German version of television series Dancing with the Stars. In October of the same year, Nazan Eckes was responsible for the presentation of Das gro├Ÿe TV-Quiz, a quiz program with the GameDisk of RTL and NORIS Entertainment. She played also in the German television comedy Crazy Race 3 Ô€“ Sie knacken jedes Schloss featuring a journalist.
In 2007, Nazan Eckes hosted the second season of LetÔ€™s Dance Again with Hape Kerkeling and also the episode Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - The great RTL-Special.


Nazan and Claus Eckes, an advertiser, got to know each other during jetskiing and married in February 2000. The couple divorced in 2007.

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