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Biography of Meagan Good

Birthname: Meagan Monique Good
Date of birth: 1981-08-07
Birthplace: Panorama City, California, USA
Height: 5' 5''
Nationality: American
Profession: Actress, Producer

Meagan Monique Good (born August 8, 1981) is an American actress.


Early life

Good was born in Panorama City, California where she lived with her parents and her three siblings, one of whom was adopted. Good resided in a part of California that was mainly Caucasian; The Goods were one of the first non-white families to enter the area, she explained in a Sister2Sister magazine interview. As a young girl, she recalls being treated differently while at school especially at the hands of a teacher she considered to be racist. She had a particularly hard time with fitting in, because of her hairstyle. Lip gloss was not allowed by her parents. She even blames this teacher for suffering grades that same year. Good did not, however, pick up on these subtleties until she became older.
Meagan Good does not describe her mother as religious, but rather describes her as a spiritual person who inspired her to become spiritual as well. Good did not attend church as a young girl, but God is very important to her in life.
Because of her role as a child actress, she was home-schooled after a period of time in public school.


With encouragement from her mother, Good entered the entertainment industry with appearances in commercials at the age of four. To date, she has been in over 60 national commercials. Her television portfolio is quite vast with having been on every side of the spectrum ranging from The Parent 'Hood and Touched by an Angel to starring roles on Raising Dad with Bob Saget and the Nickelodeon series, Cousin Skeeter.
Despite her television appearances, she is best known for her work in movies. According to Sister2Sister magazine, Good decided she would become an actress at the age of twelve, and received her first speaking role at the age of 12. As a youngster, acting was simply "just something to do for fun" (Sister2Sister magazine, 2005). Her big break-through came when she garnered critical acclaim and earned an Image Award nomination for her starring role in Kasi Lemmons' film Eve's Bayou, opposite Samuel L. Jackson. Some consider Eve's Bayou to be Good's "coming-out party as the 16-year-old dominated the screen". Her persistence paid off although she originally wanted to play the role of Eve. By the time of the movie's production, she was too old for Eve's role and instead entertained the idea of playing Cisely.
Meagan Good's tenure in the entertainment industry has spanned nearly twenty years with almost twenty movies and about the same number in television shows. Good, in an interview with Savoy magazine, explained that she has been around longer than some actors she considers legends. In the same February 2003 interview, she does say that there is a down side to being a celebrity, because of rumors directed at her. For a long while, she has also had to deal with being known as the pretty girl on the screen. In an interview with Essence magazine, she has voiced her disappointment with constantly being put into a corner. "My goal is to do something that's not about race or a certain look" she states.
Though she does not appreciate being judged based on her looks as far as her career goes, she does recognize that she is widely popular amongst her fans in part because of her looks. finds that "Good possesses of one of the finest packages in showbiz". For this reason, she has been numerous magazines with special dedications to her, most notably in Black Men and King. In an 2003 King interview, she reflected on past comments about her appearance by saying, "Boys I been around my whole life were like, 'You Got Booty.' I was like 'For real?'"
She would like to continue producing movies. Miles From Home was her first.

Personal life

Good does have aspirations for the future. Primarily, she wants to play Aaliyah in a movie about the late entertainer, if such a movie should ever reach the point of fruition. quotes Good as saying ""I would love to play Aaliyah. For all the things that black women go through in this industry, telling her story would be incredible"
Currently, she lives in The San Fernando Valley in California.

Awards and nominations

In 1998, Meagan Good was nominated for Image Award for Outstanding Youth Actor/Actress for her role on Eve's Bayou.
In 1998, Meagan Good was nominated for Young Star Award for Best Performance by a Young Actress in a Drama Film for her role on Eve's Bayou.
In 2005, Meagan Good was nominated for Black Movie Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for her role on D.E.B.S..
In 2006, Meagan Good won the Independent Black Film Festival Award for Best Actress for her role on Miles From Home.
In 2006, Meagan Good is nominated for Teen Choice Award for Best Female Breakout for her role on Waist Deep.

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