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Marina Orlova (born 10 December 1980) is a Russian-born philologist (although primarily an etymologist) who has become an internet celebrity more rating for Marina Orlova

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  • Thursday The 10th
    A Fine Place to Feed the Dogs (Nichego Sebe Mestechko Dlya Kormleniya Sobak): A post-apocalyptic play by French writer Tarik Noui about an arms dealer and two customers. Staged by Robert Sturua. Et Cetera Theater. 7 p.m.
  • Thursday The 3rd
    Alexandra Belyakova (vocals) and Orangeband , followed by Sunjam : new emo music. Kozlov Club. 8 p.m. Ambidextrous: electronic. Duma Club. 8 p.m. Andrei Davidyan and Sound Cake: funk, soul. Forte. 8 p.m.

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