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Biography of Laura Leighton

Birthname: Laura Miller
Date of birth: 1968-07-23
Birthplace: Iowa City, Iowa, USA
Height: 5' 10
Nationality: American
Profession: Actress

Laura Leighton (born July 24, 1968) is an American actress. She is best-known for the role of Sydney Andrews, introduced in the '90s television series Melrose Place, and reprised in the 2009 series of the same name.

Early Life

Born Laura Miller in Iowa City, Iowa, Leighton is a 1986 graduate of West High School in Iowa City. She went to Brown University in 1986 but dropped out in October 1988 because her father was ill. In 1988, she assumed her grandfather's surname as she decided to pursue acting.


In the early 1990s, she took her first major acting role as Sydney Andrews in the prime time series Melrose Place (1992-97). The part was originally intended for only two episodes, but was developed into a full-time role the following year.
During breaks on filming of Melrose Place, Leighton starred in television films, including In the Name of Love: A Texas Tragedy as Laurette Wilder, a woman from the wrong side of the tracks who falls for a rich boy, much to the disgust of his grandparents.
Leighton left Melrose Place in 1997 at the end of her contract, and later appeared on Beverly Hills, 90210. Aaron Spelling created the role of wannabe actress Sophie Burns for her, and she received a six-figure salary per episode.
In 1999 Leighton appeared in the independent feature film Angels, Baby!, it received a small limited release late that year, that same year she appeared in the highly unsuccessful romantic comedy Seven Girlfriends and the thriller Clean and Narrow which was released direct to video in early 2000.
In the 2000s, she has guest-starred in shows such as Cupid and The Outer Limits, and lent her voice to the animated series Duckman. She later starred in the indie film The Sky Is Falling before taking a long break to have children. In 2003, Laura returned to the small screen in the much-hyped, but little-watched SKIN, which lasted three episodes, and in the short-lived 2005 ABC series Eyes. In 2006–2007, Laura has made numerous prime-time guest appearances, on shows such as the ABC drama/comedy Boston Legal, , , and Shark. In 2004 she starred in Deadly Encounter as Joanne Sanders, a single mother who is the victim of a stalker. Leighton was seen in the made-for-TV movie Love Notes on Lifetime the western/horror/thriller The Burrowers directed by J.T Petty and the Hallmark Channel movies Daniel's Daughter and Mending Fences, opposite Angie Dickinson.
On April 5, 2009, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Leighton would appear in the 2009 series Melrose Place, reprising her role as the presumed-dead Sydney, who will serve as landlord at Melrose Place.


Following her performance in the second season of Melrose Place, Leighton was featured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly's 1994 Fall TV Preview issue. Also in '95, Leighton was named one of the most beautiful people in the world by People magazine. The role of Sydney Andrews, which she signed on to reprise in the 2009 Melrose Place spin-off, has been recognized by The Hollywood Reporter as "one of the most popular characters" from the original series.

Personal life

Leighton previously dated Melrose Place co-star Grant Show in the mid-1990's. In 1998, she married her Melrose Place co-star Doug Savant. They have two children together: Jack (born October 2000) and Lucy (born June 2005). She also raises Savant's two children from a previous marriage.

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