Colleen Fitzpatrick


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Biography of Colleen Fitzpatrick

Birthname: Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick (Nickname: Vitamin C)
Date of birth: 1970-06-26
Birthplace: Old Bridge, New Jersey, USA
Nationality: American
Profession: actress, musician

Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick (born July 20, 1972 in Old Bridge, New Jersey) is an American pop music artist, dancer and actress, better known by her stage name, Vitamin C. Her hits include "Smile", "As Long As You're Loving Me", "Graduation (Friends Forever)" (which reached #38 on the Billboard Hot 100), "The Itch" and "Vacation" (from the Pokémon soundtrack).
"Graduation (Friends Forever)" has reached tremendous success in all kinds of graduation parties/events, notably high schools, and is still a very popular song for that occasion.
Before going solo, Fitzpatrick was the lead singer of punk pop band Eve's Plum. She is currently recording her third album.
She is married to former Eve's Plum guitarist, Michael Kotch.


Fitzpatrick made her first foray into acting in John Waters' 1988 feature film Hairspray as the bratty Amber von Tussle. In 1991, she sang in a blues club in the comedy film . She later appeared in Dracula 2000 (2000), as Lucy Westerman, and Rock Star (2001). Also in 2001 she appeared in the film Get Over It. She made a brief comedic cameo appearance as herself (in voiceover) in the film Scary Movie 2.
As for her television appearances, she played a judge in the American Idol spoof The WB's Superstar USA. She appeared in an episode of MTV's The Andy Dick Show and Celebrity Bootcamp, a celebrity game show. Fitzpatrick made cameos on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, The Brothers Garcia, The Amanda Show, and The Sausage Factory.


In 2006, an indie TV sitcom starring Colleen called THE LEK was released to the internet through YouTube, though to date that has been the only episode released.

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