Aria Giovanni


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Biography of Aria Giovanni

Aria Giovanni (born Cindy Renee Volk , November 3, 1977 in Los Angeles, California) is a nude model and actress who was Penthouse Pet for the month of September 2000.


Giovanni was born in Los Angeles (to a mostly Italian-American family). Growing up Aria recounts that she was quite shy, with only one friend in high school, but that she did very well in her classes. According to her website, she did so well that she was able to graduate and head to college by the age of 16.
She attended UCSD for several years, waitressing and tutoring in science and mathematics on the side, when she decided modelling might be an easier way to make good money. She started answering newspaper ads in October, 1999, and soon began appearing on various amateur pornography websites such as Amateur Pink, Busty Amateurs and Seductive Amateurs.
In 2000, Aimee Sweet introduced Giovanni to glamour photographer Suze Randall, who in late May of that year shot photos of Giovanni which appeared in the September issue of Penthouse magazine.
At the same time, she also appeared on the web site Bomis, posing clothed for a Ferrari giveaway contest.
In 2001, she played Monica Snatch in the movie Survivors Exposed, a parody of the Survivor television series.
Also in 2001, she appeared on the TV dating show Shipmates (Episode dated 16 November 2001).
Giovanni has appeared in bondage, fetish, amateur, glamour and artistic photography. She has gained particular respect for being among relatively few large-chested models working in the field who have not undergone cosmetic surgery.
Giovanni has worked extensively with Andrew Blake, appearing in Girlfriends, Aria, Blondes & Brunettes, Justine, Adriana and Naked Diva. She has appeared in softcore pornographic movies, although most of her lesbian scenes involve purely implied sexual contact.

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