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Biography of Alesha Dixon

Alesha Anjanette Dixon (born 7 October 1978) is a British pop/R&B singer-songwriter, dancer, model and television personality. She first found fame in the all-female R&B trio Mis-Teeq, however, she is now a solo artist. Mis-Teeq separated in 2005 and Dixon, signed to Polydor, began recording her debut solo album, Fired Up, but due to poor record sales of her first single she was dropped from Polydor. Subsequently, Fired Up was not released in most territories, including her native United Kingdom.
In 2007 Dixon became a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing and eventually won. Her television exposure led to a successful comeback, which included her signing to Asylum Records, an offshoot of Warner Music Group. Dixon released a second album, under Asylum Records, entitled The Alesha Show, in 2008.
In September 2009 Dixon became a judge on Strictly Come Dancing, replacing Arlene Phillips. The replacement of Phillips by Dixon gained criticism, as some questioned the extent of Dixon's dancing knowledge. Dixon herself dismissed the criticism, describing it as a "storm in a teacup", and refused to stand down as judge.

Early life

Dixon was born in Welwyn Garden City, one of seven children born to a British mother, Beverly Harris and Jamaican father, Melvin Dixon. She has five half-brothers called Adrian, Mark, John, Jeroame, Callum and one half-sister called Leyanne. She was educated at Monk's Walk School, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Her first job was at Ladbrokes, She then decided to put her degree on hold.

Music career

Her career began in 1999 when she met Sabrina Washington when they both joined Dance Attic (a popular hip-hop/jazz dance academy in West London), and together they formed a duo and recorded a demo titled "Inspiration". During an audition, they met with Su-Elise Nash and then together they formed a trio. They were soon signed to Telstar Records with the addition of a new member, Zena McNally, and became the popular UK garage/R&B girl band, Mis-Teeq.

1999-2005: Mis-Teeq

After months of recording throughout 1999 and early 2000, Mis-Teeq released their debut single "Why?" in April 2000, however, it was not long before McNally left the band. The band made a decision to remain a trio. In 2001, they released their debut album Lickin' On Both Sides, featuring hits "All I Want", "One Night Stand", "B with Me" and double A-side single "Roll On/This Is How We Do It". In 2002 Mis-Teeq performed and received a nomination at the BRIT Awards in Earls Court,
In 2003, Mis-teeq released their second album Eye Candy, which included the singles "Scandalous", "Can't Get It Back" and "Style". In 2004, Mis-Teeq toured the United States and released their debut single Scandalous from their American self-titled debut, a compilation of the albums Lickin' On Both Sides and Eye Candy. They also released "One Night Stand" before coming back to Europe to start work with their third album however, Telstar Records went into administration. The band was left with no choice but to release a Greatest Hits compilation under exclusive licences with Universal Records.
The last song Dixon recorded with Mis-Teeq was "Shoo Shoo Baby" for the Disney film Valiant. In March 2005, their Greatest Hits compilation was released and it was announced that they were separating to pursue solo careers.

2006-2008: Fired Up and record label departure

Mis-Teeq were often cited as the British equivalent to Destiny's Child; the trio that first gave Beyoncé media attention.
Dixon became the supporting act for Enrique Iglesias on his tour of the United Kingdom. It was later announced that Alesha would embark on a 17-date UK tour called the The Alesha Show, beginning on the 20th October, 2009 in Nottingham. The third single from The Alesha Show, is titled "Let's Get Excited" it was physically released on 11 May and reached a peak position of 13 in the UK Singles Chart. Alesha broke a Guiness world record for using the biggest amount of backing dancers ever, whilst on Sky1's Guinness World Records Smashed. "Let's Get Excited" became Dixon's first track from The Alesha Show not to chart inside the top 10 in the UK Singles Chart. The song's presence in the charts boosted album sales and The Alesha Show rebounded at a new peak of 11. On 9 June it was announced on Dixon's official website that the album had received platinum certification from BPI, indicating sales of 300,000+ in the UK alone.
On September 17 it was announced that Dixon is to release her fourth single from The Alesha Show called "To Love Again" on November 15. The track, penned by Dixon and Gary Barlow is the first single taken from the deluxe version, entitled The Alesha Show - Encore, due out on November 23.

Other ventures

Products and endorsements

In March 2007, it was announced that Dixon would become the face of the urban clothing brand Ecko Red.
In January 2008, less than a month after her profile was raised due to her victory on Strictly Come Dancing, Dixon signed a deal with Ford to endorse the new Ford Focus, an ad campaign featuring her was made, and a track called '4 U I Will' was recorded using real car parts. Dixon said, "When Ford first showed me the original TV ad and the incredible instruments I immediately wanted to get involved." Some of the instruments being used were the 'door harp', the 'clutch guitar' and the 'hatchback kick drum', in total 21 parts were taken from the car and transformed into unique looking instruments.
In May 2009 Dixon collaborated with clothing label Dune, selling limited edition necklaces, with all the profits being donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust. John Eagen, Dune’s CEO stated that "they are delighted to have Alesha support this cause". The necklace, which consists of three layers of gold, pewter and silver balls, was launched by Dixon to help raise awareness for the charity.
In June 2009 Dixon fronted a new campaign for Toblerone chocolate, offering fans a free download of an exclusive new track called "Before the Sun Goes Down". Fans were also able to enter a competition to win a pair of VIP tickets to see Dixon in concert and meet her. Jane Furze, Toblerone Marketing Manager said in a statement, "We're delighted to have Alesha on board - she's a great personality and the perfect fit with the brand"


In 2009 Alesha climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for Comic Relief. Joining her on the climb were Girls Aloud members Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh, Ben Shephard, Gary Barlow, Ronan Keating, Fearne Cotton, Denise Van Outen, and Chris Moyles. Dixon had previously been to Downing Street just months before the climb to meet with Sarah Brown in honour of the Cosmopolitan ultimate women of the year awards. While discussing the malaria issue in Tanzania Dixon said,

"I think people in England take things for granted, we complain about our NHS system and yes it’s not perfect but believe me it’s far better than what they've got there."

Dixon backed Nickelodeon's ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign which is the UK’s anti-bullying initiative.
Dixon has made numerous appearances on Children in Need, a campaign held in the United Kingdom to raise money for exactly that, Children in Need. Money raised (approximately £30 million each year) provides support in the form of grants to organizations working with children who may have experienced mental, physical or sensory disabilities; behavioral or psychological disorders; are living in poverty or situations of deprivation; or suffering through distress, abuse or neglect. Alesha also won the BBC show 'Strictly Come Dancing' and a percentage of the money from phone votes went towards the charity.
Dixon is also a patron of the ACLT (African-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust), which is a voluntary charity, whose main aim is to increase the number of Black and Mixed Parentage people on the UK Bone Marrow Register. The members of the ACLT freely volunteer their time in attempting to raise awareness in the Black community; enabling potential donors to come forward and be involved in the process of offering hope and a healthy future to someone whose disorder may otherwise prove fatal.
In June 2009 Dixon was asked to become an official ambassador for the charity, 'Help a London Child'. In a statement Dixon said "I am very honoured that Help a London Child have asked me to be an ambassador and I have accepted. I have supported the charity for some time now and it makes sense to make my involvement more official. I am looking forward to continuing my support and I have already volunteered to run the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon to help raise funds for the charity!" Help a London Child Manager Kate Crabtree said, "This is fantastic news for Help a London Child and we are absolutely delighted. Alesha’s thoughtfulness and compassion make her the perfect ambassador and we look forward to her continued invaluable support."

Modelling and television appearances

As a model, Dixon is represented by Select Model Management and has appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan, FHM, Arena, Company, Bliss, Another magazines and in various other Editorial fashion shoots. In 2008 a poll showed that Dixon had "Britain's sexiest legs" beating Cheryl Cole, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Lily Cole and others. Dixon was cast as the lead female in the music video for "She Wants to Move" by N.E.R.D. Dixon has been featured in FHM's annual 100 sexiest women in the world poll on a number of occasions. She is managed by Malcolm Blair.
Dixon has also presented many well-known shows in the UK, such as the MOBO Awards, , ITV2's coverage of The Brit Awards and presented the Live From the Red Carpet show at the 62nd British Academy Film Awards for E!. She has also been a guest on BBC One's current affairs programme This Week on two occasions, in November 2006 and December 2007. In 2009 it was reported that Dixon was in talks with television companies about a possible chatshow.
Dixon was cast the role of 'Selena' in an upcoming British film, directed by Derek Lister called Milestones, set against the backdrop of London's jazz music scene. Dixon said, "It's a small role, but it's perfect for my first film."

Strictly Come Dancing

Series 5: Contestant

Dixon took part in series 5 of hit TV show Strictly Come Dancing in 2007, partnered with professional dancer Matthew Cutler. Dixon was at first hesitant to join, fearing that snobbery within the music industry would damage her career. In a later interview she said, "There’s always this preconceived idea that people do reality TV shows because they want to kick-start their careers whereas I was actually worried that it would affect it."
Dixon is currently the most successful contestant to ever take part in Strictly Come Dancing, with an average point score of 36.5/40, the highest average score from any contestant to ever take part in the show.

Series 7: Judge

It was revealed in July 2009 that Alesha would be joining the Strictly Come Dancing judging panel in September 2009, she replaced Arlene Phillips, 66, which led to the BBC being accused of ageism by the media, and Dixon herself faced criticism by newspaper columnists such as Amanda Platell and Janet Street-Porter. In a statement Jay Hunt, the BBC1 controller said, "Is it about ageism? Absolutely not, I'm committed to reaching out to the broadest possible audience."
The debate became so heated that it was even discussed by Harriet Harman, Minister for Women and Equality and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party in the House of Commons, who voiced her opinion that she suspected age discrimination and called on the BBC to reinstate Phillips. The BBC received a number of complaints from the public, angry about the changes to the judges line-up, with many feeling that Phillips has been axed for no good reason. Dixon, having a conflicting schedule also had to rearrange three dates on her upcoming tour, The Alesha Show in order to do the show, which is broadcast live on Saturday nights.

Personal life

In June 2005, after a five-year relationship, Dixon married MC Harvey, formerly of So Solid Crew, in a private ceremony at Brocket Hall, Hertfordshire. Dixon filed for divorce just over a year later after MC Harvey had an affair with Javine Hylton. They have no children together. In an interview with Lily Allen on Lily Allen and Friends she was asked, "What the fuck were you doing with that twat from So Solid Crew?", to which Dixon did not reply but just laughed.
After her marriage broke down and her record label dumped her within the space of two weeks, Dixon suffered from depression. In a later interview she said, "It was the lowest point of my life. I just kept thinking, 'What have I done to deserve this?' I didn't see the point in living." She decided to move on and to turn around her life, saying "When you are knocked down you have two choices - stay down or get back up, stronger." She said that Strictly Come Dancing helped her overcome her problems and gave her a "Zest for life"
Dixon cut all contact with her older brother, Mark Harris, after he sold his story of their "terrible" childhood, claiming that they "often went to bed hungry" and that her mother, Beverley neglected them in favour of sometimes violent boyfriends, he also accused Dixon of turning her back on her family in the pursuit of fame and fortune. In response to the comments about her mother, Dixon said, "I cherish her. If anyone is rude about her or says a bad word about her they won't be a part of my life. Unfortunately, that's not how I feel about my brother."
In February 2009, in an interview with the Daily Mail, Alesha spoke about her obsessive-compulsive behaviour:

"My friends call me Monica because she's the one in Friends who's obsessed with cleaning. I always think the house looks messy; a messy house can depress me. It can make me feel messy. If my house is clean and everything is in order, I feel better."

She is currently living with her two dogs, a collie cross-breed called Roxy and a puppy called Daisy, both were adopted from an RSPCA animal centre. and saying "I'd change it if I could but it's become a trademark."

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